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Blog about construction and arquitecture
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Desde : 15/01/2020
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How to Repair a Broken Pipe without Work and No Discomfort

From: Discovering a broken pipe is quite common, it even happens more frequently than you imagine. This is a very important problem, since it is the main cause of water leaks and the appearance of humidity and if it is not solved in time it can lead to more serious damages, in addition to the economic expense and the damage cause

Most common types of floors in residential buildings. Advantages and disadvantages.

Most common types of floors in residential buildings. Advantages and disadvantages. written by Enrique Alario Catalá on February 26, 2018 in the category Execution of Works 9 There are many types of slabs in the world of construction, surely many more than I know, but in this article I want to focus on the most common types of slabs in residential

Outdoor tiles

Sunny days are approaching, perfect time to enjoy our terrace. The infinite different possibilities offered by outdoor tiles brands allow us to choose between multiple models, sizes, colors and textures. Ceramic wall and floor tiles are an increasingly valued decorative option since with your help you will be able to make your terrace more beautifu

Why aluminum is the best material for scaffolding, according to Alufase

Scaffolding is a fundamental structure to facilitate the work of construction companies in tasks that must be performed at a certain height. Among the various material options that exist for scaffolding, aluminum stands out over the others, as it offers multiple advantages to perform the task in the simplest, most efficient and safest way possible.

How does urban renewal affect people's lives?

A study by the Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (Energy Research Institute of Catalonia), if 8% (1.5 million) of the homes of the Spanish State that have low levels of energy efficiency were rehabilitated, would prevent some 100,000 people will consider themselves in poor health. Some 120,000 people would not be diagnosed with cardiovasc


At the summit of climate change, among other issues, there has been much talk of "sustainability" and in our case, today at ACH Panels we are going to talk about sustainable architecture. And in short, cities are an important CO2 emission vector. Barcelona, Madrid and 28 other major cities in the world, have begun to reduce them, on average, by 22%

The uses of laminated wood

Laminated wood in recent times is being much sought after in construction but what is it? And how is it manufactured? Laminated wood consists of joining boards or sheets of wood by the corners or faces, with the fibers of those parts in the same direction. In this way and being formed by the union of pieces, it is possible to manufacture a wooden e