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Businesses, local governments, and organizations

Do you need a free professional website?

Thousands of companies, local governments and organizations use OverBlog for their official online home.

Does your organization need a website, an online magazine, or a blog? OverBlog is just the tool you need to efficiently create your online presence without wasting time or money.

Organizations that use OverBlog include city halls, schools, local governments, nonprofits, small and medium-sized businesses, and brands. Every economic sector is represented: healthcare, citizen groups, merchants, services, education, environment, unions, and more.

On OverBlog, you can:

  • Create your organization's official site.
  • Keep your members, clients, or the population you serve informed.
  • Update your site without getting outside help.
  • Display your logo and use your organization's color scheme.
  • Enter into a dialogue with your community.
  • Have your own domain name.

Organizations like OverBlog because...

  • There are unlimited options for customization.
  • It's fast, free and easy to set up.
  • It allows for multiple contributors to the site.

You can count on OverBlog for your official online presence.