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Creatives thrive on OverBlog.

Are you the creative type? An amateur or professional artist looking to showcase your work?

Maybe you're a photographer, videographer, actor, dancer, painter, jewelry or fashion designer, graphic artist, illustrator, comic artist... Or maybe your medium of preference is yarn, or thread. Or watercolor. Or scrapbooks. If so, OverBlog was made for you.

On OverBlog, you can:

  • Share your creations through photos, videos and words.
  • Share your inspirations, moods and discoveries.
  • Share the world as you see it through your eyes.
  • Create a showcase for your artistic process.
  • Discover other bloggers of interest to you.
  • Receive the opinions and comments of your readers.

Creatives like OverBlog because...

  • It has beautiful classic and portfolio themes that display images to their best advantage.
  • With the mobile app, users can publish anywhere and any time — because inspiration can strike at any moment!
  • It's incredibly easy to create design layouts using drag-and-drop.

OverBlog is home to many talented creative bloggers. The things that move you say a lot about who you are. Give these things the showcase and the audience they deserve.