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Three million enthusiasts and hobbyists use OverBlog

You don't have to keep your passion to yourself anymore. Share it on OverBlog!

It's your thing. You've been into it forever. You read absolutely everything you can get your hands on about it. You've met all the experts, you have all the insider info. Or maybe you don't know everything about it just yet, but it fascinates you. You eat, sleep and breathe it. In other words, you're an enthusiast!

There are cooking enthusiasts, and motorcycle enthusiasts. There are tech fiends, boarding freaks, cat lovers, fashionistas, and even ancient history buffs. People who adore chocolate, who live to travel, or who read nothing but mangas.

Nothing like a blog to give wings to your passion, to enable you to interact with like-minded people, and to make you a recognized expert on the topic you care most about. So what are you waiting for? Start your blog!

Are you a fan (or fanatic) between the ages of 7 and 97? On OverBlog, you can:

  • Talk about what's new in your area of interest.
  • Share your knowledge, tips and experiences.
  • Publish your favorite recipes.
  • Publish a review of the book you just read.
  • Create a list of works on medieval painting.
  • Share pictures of your cat every day.
  • Engage in discussions with your readers through the comments.

Enthusiasts like OverBlog because...

  • It's easy to use and has many options for customization.
  • The Repost feature offers greater visibility.
  • It's home to a community of bloggers who are as passionate as they are!

Passion is a powerful force, and it feels good to share it. Why not create your blog now?