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12 consejos para comenzar bien con tu blog y mejorar el tráfico

Choose an editorial line

Your editorial line is the driving force behind your blog. It serves to define and shape it. It's the editorial line that keeps your content consistent over the long term. It also helps your audience understand what your blog is about, and tells them what they're going to find there. If you want to grow a loyal audience, it's essential to have an editorial line and stick to it.

Here are 4 critical questions you should be able to answer without stopping to think, if you have an editorial line:

What subjects will I talk about?

A blog can't be about everything, or it just becomes noise. Choose which subjects you want to discuss. And if you have too many, or if they don't belong together, create separate blogs for the other subjects!

Do you have several related topics in mind? Prioritize them. You won't always be able to discuss all the topics that you want to. Your pre-defined editorial line will help you make content decisions quickly, and continue to do so over the long term.

What makes you unique?

What is it about your blog that makes it stand out from all the blogs already covering the topics you chose? It could be your voice, your writing style, the way your articles are structured, or even your experience. There is always something that makes you different. Figure out what it is and broadcast it. Then it will be clear to your readers why they come to your blog instead of the others.

Who are my readers?

Everybody would like to answer "Everybody!" to this question. Trust us, you should decide whom you want to reach the most. That's what they call your "core target" in marketing. Keeping this target in mind will guide your choice of content as well as your writing style. We don't talk to experts the same way we talk to beginners, for example, and you wouldn't use the same kind of humor for one age group that you might for another...

What do I want my readers to take away from my blog?

What is the message you're trying to get across? Take the time to seriously think about this question. Then it will be easier to keep this message in the back of your mind and refer to it when you need it.

The better you frame your message, the more you'll stand out

Your editorial line can be a few words long, or a detailed description that defines your site's purpose. It's your call. Whatever the reason you're blogging, your message will be defined and your blog will stand a better chance of 1) being understood, and 2) remaining consistent over time. And we all know that blogs that get traction are the ones that last. Do what you can to make this happen by choosing a strong editorial line and sticking to it.