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12 consejos para comenzar bien con tu blog y mejorar el tráfico

Engage in conversation

Talking to people is a good way to get noticed. So don't hide behind the curtain!

Start the conversation

Go ahead and start conversations on other blogs, forums and social networks. Your site is part of an ecosystem. Other bloggers talk about the same topics as you, and visitors who don't have their own blogs are interested in them too. There's a conversation going on all around you, so jump right in!

Respond to comments

Readers like it when their comments are noticed. Show them you're aware of and/or interested in what they have to say by responding to them.

Make it easy to find you

Don't forget to mention the URL of your site on all of your social network profiles as well as in your e-mail signature and on forums. Also include your URL when you comment on other blogs, if you have that option. Being visible and active helps you get noticed and grows your reputation as a resource.