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12 consejos para comenzar bien con tu blog y mejorar el tráfico

Share with your friends

Your friends are your first readers. Let them know you have a blog! When you publish a new article, tell them. It's up to you to decide whom to contact and how.

Recommend articles to your friends

Don't hesitate to share your articles with as many people as you can, whether they're close friends, acquaintances, or professional contacts. Consider occasionally asking them to recommend your articles to people in their networks.

Share your articles on social networks

Put links to your new articles on your social networks. This could get you a lot of traffic from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. You can post each new article manually, but OverBlog also lets you automatically post new articles to Facebook and Twitter.

Share new articles by e-mail

Send your articles to people who you think might enjoy them by e-mail. You can do this in 2 clicks with the OverBlog e-mail module.