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12 consejos para comenzar bien con tu blog y mejorar el tráfico

Introduce yourself

No matter what the focus of your blog, and even if it's all about you, don't forget to introduce yourself!

Sign your articles

First of all, an article without an author is not credible. Secondly, if you're already an expert on a certain topic, your name makes a big difference. Finally, if you're not yet a recognized expert, signing your articles is a good way to gain recognition.

  • Be sure that the author's name is clearly displayed at the beginning of every article. At OverBlog, this is automatic.
  • For blogs or sites with multiple contributors, be sure that all authors have their own signatures. Avoid using a single, generic name for all authors. This feature is automatic for multi-author blogs at OverBlog too.

Complete your "About" section

Let's talk about you some more! Everybody looks at "About" pages. When you introduce yourself to your readers, you're taking the first step towards building a relationship with them. If you want to grow your audience and earn the loyalty of your readers, it's essential to introduce yourself.

  • The "About" tells your audience who you are. It answers the question, "Who is this person and why is he or she blogging?". Your "About" is where you can reveal some things about yourself and your point of view, and highlight your distinguishing characteristics. Give your readers information that will help them understand you better.
  • Your "About" helps your audience relate to you. By introducing yourself, you go from being just some blogger to being a real person. It's the ways in which people are different, their quirks, the more personal details that enable us to feel a connection to someone. Your "About" helps you win over your audience.
  • Some people read an article because the subject interests them. Others are more interested in the author. So don't be shy!