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12 consejos para comenzar bien con tu blog y mejorar el tráfico

Pick a good title

This is the most important advice for a new blogger: Pick a good title!

For one thing, it takes longer to read online content than content on paper, and your readers don't have a lot of time. You only have a few seconds (or even tenths of seconds) to make them want to read your blog. If you want them to stick around, one thing is essential: they have to know what you're talking about.

How do I pick a good title (or name) for my blog?

The title of your blog needs to be short, to the point and clear. You will need to choose a name that is appropriate for your editorial positioning and your goals. For example, if you want to draw attention to your name or a brand, it would be wise to include it in the URL. If, however, you want to emphasize your area of expertise, use a keyword related to your specialty in the name of your blog.

Tips for creating an effective title

  • State what the article is about. Your title should indicate your position and state what you're going to talk about. Your readers can then decide whether or not they'll read the article.
  • Choose an honest title that reflects the actual content of your article. An article that doesn't deliver what the title promises is disappointing. It might work the first time, but a disappointed reader is not likely to come back. Disappointed readers won't trust you.
  • Choose a meaningful, but short title. Try not to exceed 65 characters. You'll find that this is harder that it sounds. But this rule of thumb helps bloggers be precise and choose a clear angle for their articles.
  • Make your title enticing. Think about what interests your readers. Do they like to be challenged? What gets their attention or gets a reaction out of them? A good way to answer these questions is to ask yourself the same things. Your readers are interested in this subject, just like you are. What title would make you want to read your article?

Consider using sub-headers

Dividing an article using headers and sub-headers, and breaking it into paragraphs makes reading easier and more appealing. This formatting technique allows readers to scan your article if they can't read the whole thing. Sub-headers give structure to your article and highlight the essential concepts.

Note: Content in headers ranks higher in searches than ordinary text (text with "Normal" formatting). This is why it's important to use keywords in headers. Headers are important for getting higher rankings by search engines like Google. So don't ignore them!